Secretary of Health Extends “Immunity” to the Oncological Hospital

According to the news published by “El Nuevo Día” on October 15, 2012, the Secreatry of Health, Dr. Lorenzo González, promised to begin a process where the “State’s immunity” would be extended to the Oncological Hospital Andrés Grillasca in medical malpractice cases.

Sais compromise was made during an activity where he assured that in one week, the hospital would receive $2.5 million dollars that the legislature assigned it many months ago.

Even when the Secretary denied that said announcement, without giving the hospital the money was a political act, the reader knows more than that. In our opinion, the Secretary’s promise of extending the State’s immunity to the Oncological Hospital, added to the awarded immunity given to the multiple of private health care institutions by the 8131 Regulation, behind the citizens back, is another illegal, unconstitutional and censurable act, beneficial to the owners of hospitals and against all of Puerto Rico’s patients, not just the medical malpractice victims.

Given that, awarding said immunity to these hospitals and doctors, will have as an effect the rendering of mediocre medical attention, since the motivation or necessity of providing an excellent service will no longer exist.