The Licensing and Medical Discipline Board Fails to Comply with its Purpose

Once again, the Board of Licensing and Medical Discipline (in the past the Court of Medical Examiners) fails to comply with its purpose to exist. For the past months, there has been many complains from the health care professionals regarding the great bureaucracy and delays when they want to renovate their licenses. Every day, groups of these professionals have to stay overnight in the vicinities of the Board so that they can ensure that they will be assisted when said branch opens its doors in the morning.

There are 170,000 health care professionals that have to renovate their licenses annually. What was once easily done, sometimes during the Internet, now has become a complex procedure that can only be achieved in person. It is unbelievable that in the 21st Century, said branch depends on “hand in” renovations and physical files, which on occasions cannot be found. In turn, the Board blamed the health care professionals of the delays in the process of renovation, alleging that they “leave it all for the last minute”.

Doctors Accused of Federal Fraud against the Department of Labor

Psychiatrist Alfonso Madrid and physiologist Luis Faura Clavel were accused of federal fraud by the United States Department of Labor. The accusations against them, in short, are for having issued medical reports with fraudulent information as to facilitate an incapacity designation of patients in order to receive economic benefits on behalf of the Federal Government.

According to the indictment, undercover agents had interviews with both doctors, who allegedly worked together, and obtained medical certificates with false diagnose. It is indicated that the doctors charged from $150 to $1,000, for said medical certificates. Another accusation against them is for defrauding the health care insurance provider Triple-S, with the purpose of charging medical visits that never happened.

If such accusations are proven, they are a strong hit on the credibility of two health care professionals, whom, at a certain time, were prestigious and respected in their respective medical fields.

Ten Patients die from Acinetobacter Baumanni in the UPR Hopital of Carolina

According to the article published by El Nuevo Día on September 11, 2013, ten people died in the UPR Hospital of Carolina after being infected by a fatal bacterium known as acinetobacter baumanni. By not following the protocols to control infections, said hospital allowed the outbreak and spread of this fatal bacterium throughout the patients on the intensive care unit, causing the hospital to be under observation by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Department of Health. From March to August 2013, 35 people have been infected by the bacteria in the hospital.

The bacteria acinetobacter baumanni is resistant to the most powerful antibiotics and it is very difficult to eradicate form the medical institutions in which it manages to spread. It causes serious infections in the lungs, blood, brain, urinary tract and flesh wounds.

“Procedures to prevent the cross-contamination were not followed” said the Secretary of Health, Francisco Joglar. “The problem was the lack of infection control”. The intensive care unit closed and the Department of Health requested the CDC’s intervention. The last documented case was on August 2013.

Unbelievably, the Secretary of Health said that sanctions for the lack of protocols were not going to be imposed.


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