SOLERLAW Triumphs again in the Hazel Cruz v. Hospital Menonita Case

After two giant triumphs before United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston, Menonita Hospital agreed to a satisfactory agreement, for our clients, of the lawsuit.

Without a doubt, the opinions achieved by SolerLaw, in which the First Circuit in Boston revoke the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, have strengthen the protection afforded, by the federal statute EMTALA, to the patients that need emergency medical treatment.

Congratulations SolerLaw!

Health Care Professionals are “Followers” of SolerLaw

We are happy that a considerable group of health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, hospitals administrative and management personnel are loyal followers of the articles published by SolerLaw.

Our compromise is not only with the victims of medical malpractice and negligence, but with the those health care professionals who are responsible, thorough and keep their practices up to date on behalf of the patients best interests.

Puerto Rico’s Senate Unanimously Supports Resolution to Establish Trial by Jury in State Civil Cases

During the session of September 17, 2012, Puerto Rico’s Senate unanimously supported a resolution signed by Senator Liza Fernández, which orders the Senate’s Commission of the Judicial to analyze the possibility of amending the current Civil Procedure Rules in order to establish trials by jury in civil cases in the state courts.

Currently, only criminal cases are viewed before a jury, contrary to the Federal system, where trials by jury are held in civil cases.

“Juries are formed by people who unite to attend one single case, therefore, they are not predisposed to the prejudices judges can have throughout their whole careers against certain complaints, attorneys or litigants. A jury is a group of people, therefore, the prejudices of a single juror cannot destroy the ability of reaching a fair conclusion”, reads the preamble or explanatory statement of the Resolution.

We believe that establishing a right to a jury trial would be a huge step of progress in the litigation of tort and medical malpractice cases. Regardless of the fact that we have excellent judges, who are very objective and are legal experts, the jury is really a representative of the community who is in an optimum position of solving controversies.

Consumer Reports Magazine Assesses Quality of Puerto Rico’s Hospitals

The prestigious publication of Consumer Reports made an evaluation of the quality of several of the hospitals in Puerto Rico, including the Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital of San Juan, Auxilio Mutuo of San Juan, Cardiovascular Center of San Juan, Women Hospital of Ponce, Brother’s Meléndez of Bayamón, HealthSouth of San Juan, Menonita Hospital of Cayey, Pavia Hospital of Santurce and Hato Rey, Perea Hospital of Mayagüez, HIMA-San Pablo of Bayamón, among others.

On the “bloodstream infections” category, the Ashford Presbyterian of San Juan obtained the worst score, while Perea Hospital of Mayagüez had the highest one. On the “avoid readmissions” category, none of the hospitals obtained the highest scores, while the Metropolitan Hospital, HIMA-San Pablo of Bayamón, Pavia Hospital of Santurce, Menonita Hospital of Cayey, Brother’s Meléndez Hospital and the Ashford Presbyterian Hospital obtained the score before the lowest score.

On the “prescription information” category, none of the hospitals provided information for the study. On the “adverse surgical events” category, none of the hospitals obtained the highest scores, while Pavia Hospital of Santurce, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital and the Cardiovascular Center Hospital obtained the score before the lowest score.

Attorney Pedro F. Soler-Muñiz is Admitted to Practice Law in the State of Illinois

Attorney Soler-Muñiz was today sworn as an attorney in the state of Illinois, United States. With experience in the management of tort and medical malpractice cases, Attorney Soler-Muñiz thoroughly complied with the admission requirements of said state and took a national exam, which he passed with a high score, which made him worthy of an approval without a glitch his application as a lawyer. Soler-Muñiz has established a practice in Chicago with a selected group of attorneys form that locality, which represent Latinos with catastrophic damages caused by medical malpractice or accidents.

For a free consultation, you can communicate with Attorney Soler-Muñiz at 787-774-6522.

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